1LFT Series Hydraulic Reverse Plough


Based on similar models at home and abroad, this machine is a new-generation turn plow. With a wide range of tillage adaptation, it is suitable for tilling black clay, sandy loam and sandy soil, and can complete two-way shuttle operation. After tillage, the field is leveled, with no ditch or ridge and fewer null rows. On the slope land, it can plow in the same direction, and reduce the slope of cultivated land year by year. After ploughing, there is no straw, which is beneficial to follow-up seedbed and seeding operations.

1. The plough beam is made of imported special high-strength alloy steel and processed by advanced heat treatment technology, with a high strength, good rigidity and high impact resistance.

2. Key stressed components are made of high-strength alloy steel and processed by advanced heat treatment technology, with a high hardness and toughness.

Soil-engaging components are high-strength alloy steel self-grinding edges, with wear-resisting alloy welded at the edge, which has a good firmness and wear-resisting property.

3. The unique grid bar type plough wall structure is imported, with a strong impact resistance and a wide soil application range. It can effectively avoid being blocked with straws, mulch films and other sundries, with a small resistance and a long service life, and can reduce the oil consumption and power of the tractor to a certain extent.

4. The hydraulic overturning device is a double-acting steering cylinder equipped with a control valve and hydraulic lock imported from Italy, which is accurate, flexible and reliable in overturning and amplitude modulation.

5. The main plough share can be adjusted automatically, and equipped with shearing bolts to prevent overload protection and protect the plough body from being damaged; the auxiliary plough can be adjusted flexibly according to different operation conditions and is easy to disassemble and connect.

6. The plough wheel assembly is a depth limitation and transportation integrated wheel, which is easy to switch the working state.