2BMQ-6 Trailed No-Till Planter


No-tillage seeding is a key link of protective tillage. 2BMQ series traction type high-performance no-tillage precision seeding machine can complete flat field seeding, bedder seeding, wide and narrow row seeding and conventional seeding operations with full coverage of corn straws. The machine can complete side fertilization, seed bed straw cleaning, seed bed finishing, single grain seeding, seed fertilizer application, earthing, compacting and other working procedures at one time, and can be widely applied to seeding operations in Northeast China, North China and Northwest China, with the following functions. 1. It helps save the links of straw cleaning and soil preparation, reduce labor intensity and production costs; 2. Straws cover the ground surface to prevent wind erosion and water erosion and retain water, with a significant effect in resisting drought; 3. Straws are rotten to increase soil organic matter and restore soil fertility; and 4. It breaks less earth to reduce soil moisture evaporation and increase the soil moisture utilization rate.

1. Seed box and fertilizer box: The large-capacity seed box, base fertilizer box and seed fertilizer box can help realize long-time seeding operation after seeds and fertilizer are added at one time;

2. Supporting type: The traction type design reduces the power demand for supporting tractors, with a wider power adaptability;

3. Hydraulic mechanism: The land wheel hydraulic oil cylinder goes up and down to realize the quick switch of the transportation state and the working state;

4. Seed-metering device: The high-performance original imported finger clamp type seed-metering device has a low failure rate, high seeding precision and fast operation speed;

5. Profiling mechanism: The reinforced parallel four-bar linkage synchronous profiling mechanism ensures the stability of the monomer structure and the consistency of the seeding depth;

6. Transmission mechanism: The overhead double-side synchronous transmission mechanism effectively prevents straws and dusts from entering the transmission system and affecting work;

7. Cleaning mechanism: It has three functions, namely cutting, cleaning and soil, and can clean straws in the seedling belt thoroughly even with the full coverage of straws cover the ground surface;

8. Seed fertilizer mechanism: The mechanical seed fertilizer applying device with the standard configuration has a stable performance, and can apply base fertilizer and seed fertilizer at one time, and simplify the production link;

9. Monitoring system: With a stable performance, it has the functions of base fertilizer blockage and fertilizer shortage alarm, seeding leakage alarm, seeding grain number statistics.