4UM-2 Type Potato Harvester


4UM-2 potato harvester is a full-suspension double and triple-lifting chain structure and matched with a 120-180-horsepower wheel tractor with hydraulic lifting mechanism and rear power output. It can complete profiling and depth limitation, excavation, seedling cutting, separation, lifting and strip laying operations at one time in the field, so as to meet the harvest demands of heavy soil, black calcium soil and sandy soil with a soil moisture content below 25%. It features a compact structure, a high potato-exposing rate, a low tuber damage, and a high safety, reliability and operation efficiency.


1. The whole machine frame is made of high-strength plates; the widened frame structure increases the width of the soil shaking chain, with a better soil sieving effect.

2. The lifting chain is driven by a wear-resisting rubber wheel, with a low noise and overload protection function, and can increase the potato-exposing rate by removing weeds during the journey.

3. The widening profiling mechanism is easy to adjust, so as to better imitate the ridge shape, make earthing smoother; it can crush the hard shell on the soil surface of the ridge, ensure the soil-engaging depth of the digging shovel, and dig potatoes without damaging them, while reducing the power consumption.

4. It is equipped with imported disc cutter, which can timely and effectively cut off potato seedlings and other weeds and prevent heaping, with a long service life, and reliable and stable performance.

5. The completely independent transmission structure has no impact on normal harvesting operation in case of failure.

6. The compact structure of the seedling clamping wheel and the inner wall of the frame can increase the soil feeding amount.

7. The front potato baffle is elastically connected without soil and seedling blockage.

8. The rear hanging dust shaking chain is lengthened to better separate potatoes and the soil; the slope is slowed down to prevent potatoes from rolling back and being damaged.

9. The ultra-low seed falling distance reduces collisions caused by potatoes falling to the ground, and further reduces the potato breakage rate.

10. The mechanical soil pressing roller is added to compress loose soil, so as to improve the potato-exposing rate and make workers easy to pick up.