2BSQG-8 Pneumatic Vegetable Seeder


2BQS-8X Pneumatic Vegetable Seeder adopts the one-row, double-seedling belt seeding form, and is suitable for ridging and soil preparation. The one-row, double-seedling dense planting operation is adjustable, with a seedling spacing of 6 cm to 13 cm. Its operation quality and effect are at the leading level in China. According to user demands, we can customize machines with 2 rows, 4 rows, 6 rows and 8 rows and different configurations (such as fertilization, film coverage, drip irrigation belt coverage).

According to the requirement of planting different vegetable seeds, the machine can complete shallow ditching, precision seeding, double-side earthing, round wheel seed compression, overall compression and other operation procedures. It can operate on ridges or fine soil after soil preparation for multiple purposes. The machine is used for the single- seedling-belt seeding operation, with the row spacing and the plant spacing adjustable timely according to requirements. With the seed suction at the negative pressure and the impurity blowing at the positive pressure, it can prevent seeding omission and realize high-speed precision seeding.


Product Features:

1. The machine operates under the conditions of a good soil preparation effect and fine soil, with a high efficiency, good effect, even seeding and consistent depth.

2. The seeding ditcher adopts a wind-proof design, and its seeding precision is not affected by fresh breeze and below.

3. The combination of the profiling monomer and the four-bar linkage mechanism ensures that the seed-metering device achieves the consistent seeding depth in the seeding process; the miniature compressing wheel directly compresses the seeds to ensure that the seeds can fully contact the soil, and absorb water and nutrients, without being exposed on the ground.

4. The positive pressure filtration system ensures the cleanliness inside positive pressure pipelines, effectively prevents the seed-metering device from being blocked, and avoids seed suction omission.

5. The seeding tray made of special materials is firm and durable, and not easy to damage, with a high seeding precision, corrosion resistance and long service life.

6. The seed-metering device is modularized, and can be freely combined to meet the requirement for seeding row spacing of different vegetables.

7. The equipment is easy to maintain, with a reliable performance, long service life and easy replacement.