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2BQS-8 Pneumatic Precision Vegetable Sowing Machine

2BQS-8 Pneumatic Precision Vegetable Sowing Machine

According to the seed needs of different vegetable seeds, the machine can once complete shallow ditch, precision seeding, double overlying soil, round wheel pressure seeds, etc. It can be planted on the ridges or loose soil, realize a machine serves several purposes, and the machine is a single seeding belt seedling operation. The plant spacing and line spacing can be adjusted according to the need. Negative pressure suction seed, positive pressure blowing trash, prevent the occurrence of hole leakage phenomenon, realize high speed precision seeding.



1The machine works in the whole field and scattered land, high efficiency, good effect, uniform seeding and deep and shallow consistency.

2The seeding ditch device uses wind protection, and when sowing operation, the wind power below level 5 does not affect the planting precision.

3The combination of profiling mechanismand four-bar linkage, to ensure that the seeding machine can uniform seedling during the seeding process; The micro-suppression wheel directly presses seeds to ensure that the seeds are fully exposed to the soil, absorbing water and nutrients, and will not appear seed-exposing phenomenon.

4The positive pressure filtration system ensures that the positive pressure pipeline is clean, effectively prevent the blockage of the seeding device and avoid the phenomenon of missing seed and sucking seed.

5Sowing disk made of special materials, sturdy and durable, high precision of sowing, corrosion resistance, not easy to damage and long life.

6The sowing machine is modularized, and can be combined freely to meet the requirement of planting spacing of different vegetables.

7Equipment maintenance is simple and convenient, reliable performance, long service life and convenient replacement.

2BQS-8X Pneumatic Precision Vegetable Sowing Machine adopts a line double seedling belt form, which is suitable for ridge or whole field, and a double seedling belt dense planting operation. The seedling spacing is between 6cm and 13cm, and it can be adjusted freely. The machine operation quality and operation effect in the domestic leading level, according to user requirements can be customized lines 2, 4, 6, and other difference lines, such as different configurations (fertilizer, coated and drip irrigation belt) of a variety of models.