2BSQG-6 Soil Preparation and Vegetable Seeding All-In-One Machine


The soil preparation and vegetable seeding combined machine is a new model developed for refined vegetable planting. It can achieve refined soil preparation and precision seeding at one time. The refined combined operation can comprehensively improve the operation efficiency and reduce the operation costs, with good soil preparation and seeding effects and no need of tractors in the field.


The combined operation includes a rotary tillage, ridging or flat seeding, seeding, drip irrigation belt coverage, deep trench filming or non-woven fabric coverage at the same time. The tractor can complete all operations at one time. According to the characteristics of different areas, users can customize different operation modes, such as tillage width, ridge height and row spacing, number of seeding rows, number of drip irrigation belts covered and filming specifications. All links can be customized according to the planting characteristics of different users, and some links can be completed by adjusting the configurations.