DEWO Group
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We solemnly promise:

I. Always put customer demands in the first place, strive for excellence, and create value for customers with high-quality products;

II. Be honest and trustworthy, achieve shared and win-win development with partners;

III. Make constant innovations with the power of science and technology, constantly advance the progress of the agricultural machinery industry;

IV. Set a good example for the industry through lawful business operation, assume social responsibilities!

Enterprise Mission: Promote Chinese agricultural machinery to the world and make all fields easy to farm.

Enterprise Vision:

Build a platform for all people, including customers, employees, shareholders and even business partners, realize their dreams, grow into a century-old famous agricultural machinery manufacturer with the enterprise value of RMB10 billion

Services for customers are the reason for DEWO's existence, and customer demands are the driving force of DEWO's development. We have focused on customer demands, given quick and decisive response, and constantly created long-term value for customers to help customers make achievements. Excellent services for customers are our work direction and evaluation criterion. Customers’ achievements reflect our performance.

Without any rare resources, we would win the respect and trust from customers only with our hard work. We have worked in any activities that create value for users. We have valued hard workers and given them reasonable rewards.

Achieve common development with partners, create a sound business environment together, build DEWO space and share benefits through the value chain.

Core Values: Innovation, high quality, integrity and teamwork

Innovation: In order to better meet customer demands, we are determined to forge ahead and make innovations. Any advanced technology, products, solutions and business management can generate value only if they are transformed into commercial achievements. We’re oriented to customer demands and have made innovations based on that. Our goal is to have a first-mover advantage technologically in the fields we are involved in.

Quality: Achieve good quality, good services, low operating costs and lean manufacturing, give priority to customer demands, improve our competitiveness and profitability.

Integrity: Only if we are honest and faithful can we keep our promises. With integrity as our important intangible assets, DEWO has always won customers with integrity.

Teamwork: If we win, we will toast to celebrate; and if we lose, we will put up a desperate fight. Teamwork not only reflects a cross-cultural group cooperation, but also provides a powerful guarantee to break the barrier between departments and improve the process efficiency.

Development Strategy: Integrate resources, build a platform, form multiple profit units with intelligent, information technology and automated products at the core, cover the whole-process mechanization and agricultural social services for main crops, and build a modern agricultural system with intelligent agricultural commanding intelligent equipment.

1. Talent Strategy: focus on talents, build a platform, give an impetus to development, and build a shared future.

2. R&D Strategy: Advocate intelligence and innovation, tolerate failures, keep forging ahead.

3. Brand Strategy: High-end positioning, extraordinary quality, excellent services, reasonable selling price.

Corporate Spirit: Make improvement, repress the private for the public, live and learn, take the firm stand.