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In 2009, DEWO was founded under the dual support of policies and the love of agriculture. From more than a dozen people breaking the ground to hundreds of people moving forward with one heart, it has grown from a light boat to a giant ship. The idea of developing agricultural machinery ten years ago has become true on the road of innovation and development. This gratifying achievements couldn’t be made without the full support of customers, employees, shareholders and even business partners, which we have cherished very much.

DEWO has gone deep into the industry and came down to earth in adherence to the core values of "innovation, high-quality, integrity and teamwork". With the national feelings and lofty aspirations in mind, it has shouldered the mission of “promoting Chinese agricultural machinery to the world and making all fields easy to farm”. I was born in the countryside, with full of enthusiasm and pure love towards the black land. And I know well that an agricultural machinery enterprise looking into the future shall have not only a farsighted vision but also a deep insight. With a right direction and long-term efforts, the enterprise would implement its mission values in all aspects.

Nowadays, China's agricultural development has shifted from the extensive mode into the intensive mode. The previous extensive mode of agricultural machinery development has changed to fine, digital and intelligent modes. Science and technology have played an increasingly important role in agricultural production. DEWO Group independently developed and launched China's first high-speed pneumatic seeder and made other innovative scientific research achievements, such as intelligent balers, high-speed intelligent seeders, hydraulic reversible plows and potato product series, which have injected surging power into its high-quality development, won users’ recognition and demonstrated its strength.

In 2020, DEWO launched the Wutong Plan to integrate resources and build a platform, so as to help more agricultural machinery workers realize their dreams. The Wutong Plan reflects the group's vision plan for realizing the goal of “building century-old DEWO with the enterprise value of RMB10 billion”, embodies its heavy commitment to customers, employees, shareholders and partners, and marks a vivid footprint written by national agricultural machinery towards high-quality future-oriented development.

As the blueprint was drawn, it was time to forge ahead. Over the years, DEWO’s workers have never stopped the pace of progress in the historical development of construction, innovation and reform. Here I sincerely invite every friend to come close to DEWO, listen to DEWO and learn more about DEWO that keeps forging ahead to promote the development of national agricultural machinery.